Complacency is not an option.

I see privilege. I see ignorance. I see apathy. I see power.

But when I wipe away that brittle noise, I see people. People who may be products of the system but have not been given the opportunity to think critically about their actions. And even if they have, as children of that system, complacency and self-preservation is in their nature. And how can we define people except by the institution that has raised them? In these moments, we look, we plead for their humanity.

How is it that some people can live their whole lives feeling all of the love and support that anyone could ever deserve, while others live day by day bearing on their backs all the hurt of the world?

I feel for those who have been taken advantage of by the system – the oppressed, the disenfranchised, the other. I feel their hurt in the depths of my soul. I weep, I yell, and I utilize my privilege and my voice to mobilize for justice to the best of my ability.

All humans deserve dignity.

But the fight is not simply black or white. There is no strict battle between good and evil. It’s all disconnectedness and miscommunication and – and –

When will we understand that it’s all the same? When will we stop being complacent? When will we realize that the state of the world must, can, and will change? The time is now.



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