Not About Cake

It’s funny how you can’t find yourself when you lose constant contact with someone.  You seek others to fill the void but wind up having no one.

It makes you think about your character and are you all that strong?  For time away from loved ones can feel so abnormally wrong.

You know the right things to do, speak, think, breathe.  But I guess it’s all worth nothing if you can’t cope with being lonely.

For when it’s you who loves yourself as much as any good person could, taking on a new environment should be cake, it really should….be.

It’s the content of your character that determines whether you rise or fall.  I guess mine was taken out of the oven a bit too early, that’s all.

A little gooey in some places; it hasn’t set too well.  Nice and firm in high school, then in college it starts to melt.

I must say that the icing is fairly unfazed.  But who cares about that?  It’s all anyone sees nowadays.

I’m not saying we’re shallow, though we act like we are.  Frosting can be thick, but we must get to the heart

Of the people around us.  Friend, family, lover – sure.  Well you’d think that’s a given.  “We know who they are!”

Do we, though?  I beg to differ.  Instant gratification has become the norm, and we can’t resist the lure.

We spend hours on screens, attending to supposedly important matters.  This false interpretation of people, we must shatter.

And I am a culprit.  I won’t deny that.  The hypocrisy of the situation:  you’ll likely be reading this over the internet.

As I once again scroll past the same status or story, the lack of genuine interaction then begins to haunt me.

Movies with friends.  A larger scale party.  Following the events, I’m half happy, half empty.

Grateful that people took time to come see me then retreating slightly because I know this isn’t the daily.

I think what I’m after is a little consistency.  Not in activity, but in valiant efforts of genuinity.

Don’t worry, though, readers; I am not depressed.  Though maybe you’d know it if you asked me, not guessed.

Just a little gooey and craving some consistency.  So, naturally, I resort to rhyming, rhythm, and overused analogies.



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