Live Out Loud

I just wrote myself an encouraging note on my whiteboard because it was blank and hanging right beside me, so why not?  Self-encouragement is fantastic (my personal word of the week).  I normally would not inform anyone of that, but I managed to inspire myself with what I wrote and would like to share it.  The concluding sentence reads, “The world appreciates you, so live out loud.”  As I wrote those last words and watched the rainbow streak move through the letters as the ink dried, I felt very inspired by those words that I had both written and directed towards myself.  Live out loud.  Heck yeah.  I guess my subconscious realized that I’ve been needing to hear that and encouraged me to tell myself.  Pretty interesting.

Earlier this week, I helped sell donuts on campus as a fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity.  No one particularly enjoys being pestered to buy a “doughnut for a dollar!”  Neither does anyone feel compelled to yell that to passersby.  However.  There is something about shouting at people for two hours to buy doughnuts and making a fool of yourself by being an overly peppy salesperson that can make your day a bit better.  Laughing about the people who completely ignore you, those who smile at your persistent peppiness, those who are pained to say no, those who laugh as they hand you a dollar because they could hear you yelling inside of the building they just exited, and those who come back only half-guiltily for a third doughnut – that makes you happy.  I mean, it’s the simple lessons of “the more you put into it, the more you get out of it” and “put yourself out there and be vulnerable” that completely apply to this situation.  I’ve kind of lost that this year – not always making a conscious effort to “live out loud.”  Now, I don’t mean that I should be shoving false hype into people’s faces about buying sugary breakfast food; I just mean that being a more outward person can be very beneficial in increasing your happiness and that of the people around you.  I think after trying so hard at the beginning of the school year to be extremely outward and make friends and then just failing miserably in forming concrete relationships, that I sort of shut down and never fully recovered that outward nature.  Knowing that I should live outwardly is not a new concept; I’m just becoming more aware that I may not currently be living up to everything I know that I can be.  I am not the best of myself, and so I shall continue the process of rebuilding.



2 thoughts on “Live Out Loud

  1. Happiness is an emotion that you seem to capture perfectly with this picture. It is not an easy accomplishment to be happy. It takes energy and patience. It is so easy to look on the dull side of life–to be the one in the room that drains all energy when seen by others. When I’m having a good day though, the little things bring joy to my heart. The passerby that looks at you and smiles as you walk by them or joyful looks on your friends faces as you walk through that door to hang out with them. It’s a beautiful wonder every day that can keep us going.
    Thank you.

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