Why is it that music and harmony move me so much?

If you know me, you may be aware that I literally cannot stop grinning when singing in harmony with others or when playing random chords on the piano.  Even if I manage to contain my smile, I’m beaming inside.

Perhaps music is so “revolutionary” because it captures and embodies the essence of beauty. Unapologetic beauty.  Music is a pure, unfiltered flow of emotion, and I think one reason that we are so drawn to it is that this raw stream is something humans generally fail to manifest.  We build walls with our thoughts and cage our heart, but we choose to express some of our deepest emotions in song because music gives us the key to unlock them.

Music is indeed a comfort.  Although interestingly, when I’m feeling particularly frustrated or lonely or what have you, listening to music doesn’t always comfort me, per se.  The pieces or songs which move me the most, sort of rip open my soul and cause me to feel an intense longing for…something.  It’s like music is calling me to be a better person.  Calling me to break down my walls and let emotions flow purely and freely, without constraint.  Like it’s empowering me, not by making me feel comforted and assured, but by challenging the essence of my being.  And in doing so, it reaffirms how powerful and “awe”some I have the potential to be.  Does it not?  Does music not paint a utopia in our minds while it lays out our flaws?  Does it not encourage us and demand us to reach greater heights of being?

I believe in the power of music, and I believe that everyone needs to incorporate music in their lives.  Music arouses our souls.  It rips us open and cleans out all of the sludge we harbor inside ourselves.  Music has the power to transcend our minds into deeper realms, and repress our incessant, petty thoughts, at least for the moment.

To experience exceptional joy in music is to be encapsulated by warm, dark, luscious chords, and to have your body resonate with the waves of perfectly blended sound.  It is like blissfully bathing in a sea of silky, dark chocolate under the warm summer sun.




2 thoughts on “Why is it that music and harmony move me so much?

  1. K,
    Thank you for this post.

    Music is something in my life that has always been there for me. I love it more than anything else that I have ever experienced. Music allows me to feel emotion inside myself that I can’t always find. I especially love how you described music when you are feeling frustrated. It’s so true. Music doesn’t necessarily comfort me then, but it does unlock something inside me–ripping open my soul and allowing my thoughts to run free and clear.

    One thing that has stuck in my mind recently is that sometimes, I look at music as an escape from the real world. It gives me time to separate my soul from my body, spiritual from the physical. It lets me imagine for one second without worrying about others or the consequences. Recently though, I have struggled with returning to the real world. I wish that things happened the way they do in my “song world.” I want to let my emotions run free, but I can’t–not without abusing the trust of others.

    Again, thank you for this post, I believe that you truly were able to put one of the hardest explainable events into words. I appreciate your honesty and the passion that you have.

    I’m listening,

    1. Thanks for sharing, J!

      It certainly can be difficult to incorporate our ideals into the complications of the real world.

      Perhaps allowing music to act as a bridge between the ideal and reality instead of thinking of it as a separate world could be helpful in centering yourself without getting completely lost, so those ideals can more easily diffuse into reality.

      I appreciate you taking the time to read and respond to this post, and I’m glad you were able to connect with some of the ideas I shared.



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