state of being [human]

We are more than universal font staring through a back-lit screen. We are more than soundbites propelling through tunnels of wire. We are more than a two-dimensional collage of color. We are human, and we are everything beautiful and ugly that comes with that fact.

It is so easy to satiate our need for human interaction through technology that sometimes we no longer recognize our desire to physically be with people, and we sate this muted hunger through increased use of these partial reflections of us.  Cherish the time you have with people (in the flesh) because no medium other than reality does us justice.


Oh, and P.S.  Take your eyes off your phone every so often when standing in line.  One, it’s kind of hilarious and sad to see how many people stare at their phones in line (at least out of the college population).  Two, people-watching and even starting up a conversation with a complete stranger is cool, too.  Three, it’s okay if you awkwardly catch someone else’s eye.  You’ll both get over it.


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