Your butt looks quite fabulous.

At our (Blue Stars) first Wal-Mart run several days ago, I was standing in line to check out when I glanced over at the magazines and saw one with “GREAT BUTTS” or something of the sort on the cover advertising exercises to achieve a good looking tush. I thought of how petty and insignificant worrying about your butt is. I suppose I’ve always been pretty comfortable with my body and haven’t worried too much about my appearance, but why spend effort making your butt “great” instead of channeling your energy into something that actually matters? Sometimes things like that trouble me.

Don’t get so caught up in the little things that you miss the big picture, but don’t stay so focused on the big picture that you miss the little things.



3 thoughts on “Your butt looks quite fabulous.

  1. What you say here is SO indicative of the broader problem with our messed up culture. If we cared half as much about things that matter as we do about “fabulous butts”, we’d be ok…

    Keep ’em comin’ Ms. K!

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