Blue Stars: Spring Training Day 10

Today (yesterday) was Day 10 of Spring Training, and both Part 1 and 2 are now on the field! As a whole, the hornline had some really productive rehearsal blocks. We all definitely got our butts kicked today, but that means we’re only getter stronger. Personally, today was pretty rough. Before we eben started playing, my lips hurt. And the music focus for today was volume and endurance, so everyone’s chops took a beating today, and mine felt like they were (and still are) on fire. Two days ago, I was switched from 2nd trumpet to lower split lead, and I’m still getting comfortable with my new dots and working on memorizing my new parts. And being somewhat of a perfectionist, it’s getting a little overwhelming, but I’l work it out. I’m also getting frustrated that I’m struggling with the backwards marching technique at faster tempos and larger step sizes because I have all of the information to do it well; my body just hasn’t made the connection yet. But hey, the end crowns the work, so I just keep on working.

Based on the above paragraph, you’re probably thinking that I’m having a terrible time. That’s not true. Drum corps is a lot of work, but it’s great. And I’m really glad that the people here are awesome.

I am extremely excited for tour. Especially from what staff and vets have been saying, this could be a very good season for us. You should check out the spring training video that is probably on It’s pretty awesome.

And a few things about Iowa… the weather is extremely bipolar. It’s been raining a lot and yesterday or the day before it was freezing! Then today it was sunny all day but the air was cool and the sun really hot. Side note: I’ve lost track of days. I had to look on a calendar to make sure today was Day 10. But back to Iowa… the weather may be weird but the sky is beautiful. A huge rain cloud was rolling in one day, and the sky looked amazing. There was a beautiful lightning show from a storm far away. There’s also been a couple gorgeous starry skies. So there may be nothing in Forest City and the weather may be awfully inconvenuent, but the sky is great.




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