The overwhelming beauty of a sunset is a joyful farewell ’til the next sunrise.

To fellow new high school graduates,

Our high school career is now finished. Congratulations. Some of us will be moving far away for college, not knowing a single person on campus, and only able to visit home once or twice a semester. Others of us are living at home, going to a university that is just a short drive from home, and many people you personally know are doing the same thing. Still others of us are jumping straight into the world of work, preparing to take on the challenge of supporting ourselves, perhaps not having time to see old friends. The rest of us are probably some combination of these. No matter our exact situation, we will all soon find ourselves living in new environments, being surrounded by new people, and experiencing new things. Our lives will be to some degree independent of our family and friends who we’ve known for so long. However, just because we are moving on to new things does not mean that we should forget all of the positive and negative experiences we’ve had in high school. The people we’ve met and the experiences we’ve had have made us who we are today. They have made us ready to go into the world to learn and grow and to change it to make it more awesome. Sure, this new leg of our journey is kind of scary and a little sad. But rotate the glass and allow the light to refract at a different angle. Graduating, college, etc. is all rather exhilarating! This is our time to find out who we are, who we want to be, how we want to change the world, and what path is going to get us there.

If you’re appehensive about leaving people and experiences behind, realize that you’re carrying a bit of that with you because it is part of you. Don’t cry because a wonderful portion of your life has ended; be happy because that portion of your life was great. And face the world with a smile. Everything is a lot better when you’re happy.



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