Treasure the moments.

It’s those fleeting moments when you absolutely love life that you realize how much you love living.

those moments when someone tells you
how great you are at something when you least expect a compliment
those moments when people thank you
multiple times and you aren’t expecting any appreciation
those moments when your friend tackles you
in the hallway and gives you a bear hug for no reason
those moments when you randomly look around
at your peers and get this gut feeling telling you how awesome they are
those moments when you have
the best time of your life while singing or dancing with your friends and don’t care at all about people judging you
those moments when you see
past people’s flaws and awkwardness and catch a glimpse of who they are and who they want to be
those moments when you realize
how much someone loves you and hope they understand how much you love them, too
those moments when your eyes cloud
with tears and a grin plasters itself to your face as you watch people put so much passion into what they love doing
those moments when that grin bursts
onto your face and you can feel your heart beaming as you do what you love
those moments when your heart just about ruptures
as you look out at the beautiful world around you

These moments…are what I live for.



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