A Call to Action

Silence Writes in White

As the storms blow and the winds howl,
do I drown
or sail at peace?

No words part these chapped lips,
but the cat is not to blame.
My breath is cold.

The nimble fox trots on.
The horizon not yet in reach.
Do I follow?

Like Moses, dear Lord, I cannot speak.
Butterflies fly free,
but my stomach begs to differ.

Sing! Sing! Sing!
Uncover the minstrel buried,
so I may pluck these taught strings.

I stretch to touch the stars.
For a spark caught to flame
will light the night.

Warmth, ah, warmth…I shiver.
Energy pulses through my veins.
A puddle lies below.

My fire’s now tended.
It burns warm within.
Ink flows freely from my pen.

If you wish coldness upon your heart and icicles on your tongue,
then carry on, carrion,
for silence writes in white.

When I wrote this poem a while ago, I felt like wasn’t able to fully express myself both in terms of thoughts/feelings and music composition (I still struggle to get my ideas out on paper), and I felt that I wasn’t living up to my standards of who I wanted to be.  I still struggle with living up to my standards at times as well, but I’m working on creating a balance of setting high standards for myself while keeping the bar low enough that I can reach for it.

This poem illuminates the struggle of wanting to achieve but at the same time hindering yourself from doing so.  Eventually, the speaker is able to overcome the obstacles and advise the audience to speak out and do something worthwhile.

I advise the same.  Make something of yourself, and if you don’t want to change the world already, make that a goal.  Why?  Because you can, and silence writes in white.



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