Everything is relative.

Time is relative.  (Mr. Albert Einstein, everybody!)  Just think about the cliché, time flies when you’re having fun.  When you’re not, time passes like a snail.  Time, also, isn’t tangible.  It is a manmade measurement of change.  Therefore, it is easy to conclude that the experience of time with every individual varies.  Time can be in control; it can limit you if you allow it to do so.  But time, being the quantitative measurement that it is, really isn’t important.  Quality over quantity.  Spend your life making positive impacts on others, and don’t worry about having enough time for something.  Just make things happen.  Don’t let time control you.  Free yourself from this imaginary bondage, and make the most of your life.  Time isn’t short; time is relative.  It is what you make of it.

Suffering is relative.  Not everyone trudges through the same pile of dog poop.  Some piles are much larger and more stinky than others.  Some people have larger shovels or more awesome boots (like ones with whales on them ;D).  The point is that comparing and ranking experiences of suffering between people is neither healthy nor reasonable.  “Wandala has no right to complain about her test on Monday; Benjamax’s grandpa just died.”  While I would offer my deepest condolences to Benjamax’s family, Wandala’s test is a large obstacle presently in her life, and she has every right to stress about it.  Be supportive of your friends.  Maybe when you think you’re going through hell is the perfect time to reach out and help a friend.  Not to “put things into perspective,” but to become stronger together.  They may need you as much as you need them.

Beauty is relative.  Golly goodness.  How many times have you walked around and thought to yourself, “Man, that person was late to the good-looks gene giveaway?”  Okay…your answer is probably zero.  My answer would have also been zero had I not just thought of that corny question.  Well, putting that behind us, how many times have you thought, “That person is ugly?”  How many times have you shared with someone else your negative opinions regarding another person’s appearance?  I’m guessing that number is a bit more embarrassing to share.  Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.  So basically, everyone is beautiful, whether you personally think so or not.  Let them know that, and let them feel that.  You really only believe that you’re beautiful if you feel that you are.

Every single object, event, emotion, and sensory detail is unique to each individual person.  Why do we concern ourselves so much with others’ business?  Why are we compelled to criticize others if they don’t meet our standards (which we don’t always meet ourselves)?  Let people be free.  And be supportive of them.  An excellent educator, George N. Parks, has said, “What is wrong with the world?  There’s not enough clapping.”  I like to clap loud and proud, literally.  Everybody is worth something. Let them know that.



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