Dear Hamlet,

“To be or not to be” shouldn’t even be a question.  You ponder the idea that to end life means to end our troubles, and we suffer through life only because our fear of death is greater than our pains of life.  ‘Tis true of the human soul.  We fear that which we do not know.  Then shouldn’t we become familiar with all we can before death calls us softly to him?  The more we are familiar with, and the more familiar we are with getting to know the unknown, the less afraid we become of death.  Death then conquers only our flesh and not our fear of it.  For that fear no longer exists.  By conquering the unknown, we gain the power to make things unknown – like our fear.  And that power can only be acquired through life.  So, be, Hamlet!  Life is a much greater adventure than death, as long as we allow it to be.  You’ve got the power, so use it wisely.  Your dead father is only able to influence you because you have allowed him to permeate your consciousness.  Be strong, Hamlet.  Conquer your father and the temptations of death.  Killing sprees will not give you any peace of mind.  Instead of inquiring whether or not to be, ask who and how to be.  That’s a solid question.

Your good friend,



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