Just Because You’re Breathing, Doesn’t Mean That You’re Alive.

I think I know why runners run.  Many times I’ve heard the joke, “I don’t know why I run,” coming from track and cross country runners.  Running can suck, but it gets you in shape.  More importantly, it helps you overcome both mental and physical obstacles.  However, I think the real reason why runners love running is a much more simplistic idea.  Running makes you feel alive.  Well, I can’t be so certain about you, but running makes me feel alive, and I’ve only just begun.  After my run today, I felt more alert, more alive, and more ready to take on the rest of my day.  I’ve been feeling somewhat disengaged recently, but after my run, I felt like I had acquired a sort of new internal energy, like this less-than-two-mile run had brought me back from the dead.  Maybe the feeling wasn’t quite so powerful, but that energy was definitely present.  If you ever feel down or just out of it, go for a run, or find something that will bring you back to life.  Runners love running because it makes them feel alive (or so I’ve concluded).  I mean, heck, isn’t that why you love the things you do and do the things that you love doing?  If not, do something else!  Life is worth living.  If nothing you do makes you feel alive, then find something else to do!  Dead people can’t live.  Even if you believe in zombies, they aren’t technically alive.  You can’t live life if you feel dead, so become alive!  Don’t be a zombie.  Zombies are creepy.  Find something that makes you feel alive, and start living.



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